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With many people still struggling to meet the lending criteria required to buy their own home, the demand for rental property is still strong in many parts of the country.

However, buy to let mortgages can be harder to secure now than in previous years, with lenders requiring larger deposits of around 25% of a rental property’s value in return for a buy to let mortgage (the best deals are available for buyers who have a deposit of 40% or more). Also, recent changes in legislation means that you will be paying a higher rate of LBTT for an investment property.

When you apply for a buy to let mortgage, the amount a lender will be willing to offer will depend on the property’s rental yield. Therefore, it’s essential that you do your homework and ensure your expectations are realistic before applying for a buy to let mortgage.

Also, you can expect to pay a higher interest rate on a buy to let mortgage than you would for a residential mortgage, and your arrangement fees may be higher.

There are plenty of competitive deals on the market, so talk to us to find out which deal is right for you. We also have access to providers who can lend where renovation is required and even where the property isn’t currently habitable.


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BoConcept Scotland are delighted to offer you £250 off your BoConcept order, when you use their Interior Design service.

To qualify all you need to do is arrange for Pacitti Jones to come out and value your property and you subsequently list your property for sale with Pacitti Jones. Simply scan the QR code on the voucher that Pacitti Jones send to you to register and validate your voucher and BoConcept will take care of the rest.

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